Politics 2day is all about publishing the truth in our political world and policing our politicians by following every truth, fact, rumour, speculation, event and statement and in so doing our politician will sit right.

Our Mission.:

To give right direction to our political interests.

Our Vision:

Is to police politics and to make our politicians to sit right.

Our Objectives:

1. To carry all political news in our world today.

2. To bring interesting political captions to our readers and subscribers.

3. To educate, entertain, promote and concrete our political minds to truth.

4. To be concise to truth.

5. To be more open in our political analysis.


Politics-2day is not the right owner of many political reports and images on this blog and did not seek permission before putting them on our blog but if you feel offended or do not like your report(s) or (and) image(s) to be used on this blog, kindly send us an email outlining the report(s) or (and) image(s) concerned and it would be removed immediately.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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