Friday, 6 July 2018

Emmanuel Macron: 3 things France President taught Nigerian politicians.

Here are 3 lessons France President Emmanuel Macron left the Nigerian politician when he came visiting.

France President Emmanuel Macron spent two days in Nigeria, dishing out charm offensives by the bucket load and feeling cool with the nation’s hipsters and millennials.

Macron also left quite some lessons for the Nigerian politician. We picked out three for the discerning.

1. It’s actually possible to fix roads and on time.

Days before Macron arrived Nigeria, the Lagos State government went to work at a frenetic pace.

The roads leading to the Afrika Shrine of the Kutis were fixed, the entire Afrika Shrine environ was given a facelift and the Lagos State traffic control personnel were on their best behavior.

Police officers looked sharp and looked the part. Lagos was putting on a show for one of the most powerful leaders of the free world.

By Jude Egbas.

Full story at Pulse NG.

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