Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Superdelegate issue still looms large as Democrats look to thwart Trump.

Ken Martin. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News;
photos: Getty Images (2), Jim Mone/AP, Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
After the contentious 2016 primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Democrats at the national convention in Philadelphia voted to create a Unity Commission that would study the hot-button issue of the power superdelegates play in the nominating process. But with just five months to go before the party hopes to send a resounding message to President Trump in midterm elections, divisions on that crucial matter still remain.

Democrats will be best situated to defeat Trump’s agenda “if they have the trust of the voters and they have the trust of others who believe that this is a place for them to invest their time, energy and money, frankly,” Ken Martin, vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, told the Yahoo News’ podcast “The Long Game.” “That’s why these reforms that are moving forward are important. … People need to have a sense that the parties that they’re working with are a place, and a good place, for that activity.”

By Jon Ward.

Full story at Yahoo News.

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