Friday, 9 March 2018

To halt Brexit, we need a radical rethink among in the pro-EU campaign.

Without vision and values in the Remain camp, we're lost.

There was a lot of anger on my newsfeed on the morning of June 24th, 2016.

Living in Belfast, some of my friends there were blaming ‘racist’, ‘selfish’ or ‘ignorant’ working class communities in England for the vote.

Others focused their ire on the lies and misleading arguments of the Leave campaign. Some just seemed hopelessly confused and upset. Only a few articulated a clear understanding of what had happened (as much as one could gather at that point) and, crucially, what needed to come next.

Unfortunately, the Remain campaign seems to have learnt little in nearly two years since. Almost all energy and creativity in these camps is focused on retaining this or that part of the EU, or, too often through a legal or elite-driven fudge, keeping us in entirely.

This offers those that voted Leave very little reason to change their mind, or to see themselves and their concerns reflected in the campaign.

There seems to be a remarkable failure to grasp the fact that Remain (or Remain-lite) would merely bring us back to square one: a state where people were unhappy and pessimistic, labouring under a sluggish economy and a deeply unequal society.

By Bradley Allsop.
Full story at Left Foot Forward.

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