Monday, 12 March 2018

Pulse Opinion Why we need to pay Nigerian Senators more money.

Nigerian Senators do so much more for the country than we give them credit for.

The world only has three great mysteries left: who let the dogs out; what is the point of the Facebook 'Poke' button; and just how much exactly does a Nigerian lawmaker earn in salaries and allowances.

The one about Nigerian lawmakers has been a touchy subject for a long time now.

Despite all the public inquiry into uncovering how much federal lawmakers make in their 'service' to the country, there'd been no reliable source to shed proper light on the figures.

Like a father who constantly shelves having the sex talk with his teenage son because of all the awkwardness, lawmakers have themselves, several times, evaded questions on the subject for years.

Much of the back and forth over the subject is as a result of the public belief that lawmakers earn too much money at the detriment of the country, especially as they are perceived to do very minimal work.

By Samson Toromade.

Full story at Pulse NG.

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