Thursday, 1 March 2018

Can Theresa May actually deliver her Brexit?

Theresa May’s biggest and most important challenge tomorrow in giving her vision of the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU is to persuade the rest of the EU that her ambitions are consistent with EU lore and law and would be approved by the UK’s parliament.

It will be horrifically difficult for her - the more so since she since she has the combined weight of the Labour Party, Conservative rebel MPs and the former Tory prime minister Sir John Major telling EU leaders that most parliamentarians would prefer a much more conventional settlement with the EU than what the PM will propose.

Theresa May wants a “deep, special and bespoke” deal that looks a bit like a customs union for goods, and like single-market membership for financial services, but would not impose on the UK - as arbitrator of whether we are following the new rules - any role for the European Court of Justice, or any prohibition on our ability to negotiate our own trade deals with the likes of the US and China.

Full story at ITV.
By Robert Peston.

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