Monday, 18 September 2017

Opinion: Nigeria - A state of anarchy.

The current state of affairs of Nigeria can be described as the one of a man married to multiple women. The truth is, our country is polygamous and the normal state of a polygamous family is anarchy, controversy, fights, disorder, killings, unfaithfulness, selfishness, and the rest of them.

As one of numerous offsprings of my father and motherland, Nigeria; it's so pathetic we can't resolve our internal issues without a mess or scene.

My people are upset everyday about the manner our uncles whom our long-gone father passed the baton of authority of our family affairs to are leading the way. They are complaining how our family wealth are being mis-handled, how leadership role are being abused; how others are not representing our family identity quite right anywhere they are, how some just feel is their right to everything and how some are sidelined in the midst of everything.

Can we blame the gods for our misfortune while we were raised in midst of countless fortunes that can go round?

The Igbos, the Hausas and the Yorubas are one lineage of one family; separated by location, diversified by language but binded by blood. Blood they say is thicker than water; the one we often seen flowing across our family lines in time of test.

Over the past years of our family lines, we have been tested many times. Is it the time of liberation from colony? Is it the time of civil war? Is it the time of austerity or outburst of sicknesses and diseases? We juggled it amicably!

Why now are we glamouring for division, restructuring, sharing and what have you? The hardest of life time has gone and things can only get better for us!

Our uncles; truly have not conducted themselves quite just, right, honest, accountable from day one but equally we also have failed a bit from the way go. Nobody's a saint among us. We are all guilty of this if not of that.

Who's ready to take the blame? Nobody, I guess. Nobody wants to accept responsibilities of those times we have come short. Nobody wants to apologise and change for the future of a better family together.

The gods are not to be blamed! We are binded by love and we need love to survive. Our family cannot survive separately. If there's time we need one another more; the time is now.

We must silent the evil voice of separation and those advocating for it. We must remove evil uncles that swindling and killing our family members, and we must stand up to change our attitude towards one another and let love lead us to "ONE NIGERIA".

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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