Wednesday, 6 September 2017

‘Copper theft deprives residents of services’

Lucky Sindane says the theft of these 
cables deprives the residents of the 
city the quality of service they deserve(SABC)
The City of Johannesburg has recovered over R15-million worth of its stolen copper cables from illicit dealers.

In a joint operation, members of the SAPS and JMPD raided a scrapyard dealer in downtown Johannesburg, after a tip-off from locals.
This comes as the city continues to fight the scourge of copper theft.  

Lucky Sindane, who heads the City of Joburg's Forensics and Investigations unit, says the theft of these cables deprives the residents of the city the quality of service they deserve. "They searched the scrapyard and found the city’s property there." 

The owner of the scrap yard tried to bribe officers accompanying Johannesburg’s forensics and investigation unit with R10 000, and was arrested on the spot, along with his accomplice.

Sindane says they also found a number of steel pipes that belong to the city - that were stored on the scrapyard. 13 workers who were on site yesterday were subsequently also arrested. 

Johannesburg has been affected by power outages prior to the discovery of these scrap yards storing the stolen cables.

Sindane has also pointed out that there is a syndicate that is stealing these cables and another scrap yard owner has been arrested for storing these stolen cables.

Meanwhile Business people in the city centre say they're losing out due to the unavailability of electricity. 

One of them says: "I am suffering now, I don't know when the electricity will come back. They didn't tell us anything, we are just waiting maybe it will come back soon.

Culled from SABC.

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